Time For T-Ball!

As kindergarten comes to an end and the weather warms up, it’s time for this family’s favorite sport–baseball, in any form.  And with JDubbs coaching…


…and some of the best cheerleaders on the planet…

…Jax couldn’t ask for a better recipe for success!

Except that sometimes when you’re a six-year-old boy in right field, baseball can be a bit slow.

IMG_1130 IMG_1134

So you make up your own drills to keep yourself on your toes.  Nope, there was no ball headed his way; Jax was just practicing in case one did.  There’s a reason Dustin Pedroia is his favorite player.  They’re both scrappy and ready for anything!


I think he was more engaged when it was finally his turn to hit.  He was last so it can be hard to wait.

IMG_1144 IMG_1160

Some solid hits, good spirit, lots of fun and a great coach are definitely helping Jax realize that baseball is in his blood!  And this was just a practice; little does he know the games are even better!  We can’t wait!

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Spot It!

On Memorial Day morning, it was raining and my kids were whining whining whining about when were we heading to our friends’ house and why couldn’t they watch more TV?  In a desperate attempt to get keep their mouths shut and my sanity intact, I rummaged through our box o’ board games and came up with a can of Spot It!, a gift from my aunt for Christmas.  She is a veteran mom and assured me I would want to carry this game with me at all times, and though we have played once or twice, it has always been with an adult participant. This morning, however, I gave it to the big kids and told them to keep themselves quiet and busy, otherwise I was going to lose my sanity.

IMG_1933 IMG_1935 IMG_1937

Not at all quiet and busy laughing?  After a minute or two of watching them play, everyone was in a better mood.  This game is like a secret weapon!  Instant giggles and cooperative play, big kids getting along and no whining!  Magic!

IMG_1939 IMG_1940 IMG_1942

My aunt was right.  I’m never leaving home without it!

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I have always loved photographing this family, especially these lovely little girls.  They have certainly grown since the last time I took photos of them, but one thing is for certain-they are still as gloriously fashionable as ever!

Family photography at Rebecca Whitney Photography #familyphotography #wellesleycollegephotoshoot #sisters

Now that little sister is bigger, too, there are so many wonderful family relationships to capture, especially between the girls.  I had so much fun being around them all, just soaking in the sweetness!

Family photography at Rebecca Whitney Photography #familyphotography #wellesleycollegephotoshoot #sistersFamily photography at Rebecca Whitney Photography #familyphotography #wellesleycollegephotoshoot #sisters Family photography at Rebecca Whitney Photography #familyphotography #wellesleycollegephotoshoot #sisters Family photography at Rebecca Whitney Photography #familyphotography #wellesleycollegephotoshoot #sisters Family photography at Rebecca Whitney Photography #familyphotography #wellesleycollegephotoshoot #sisters Family photography at Rebecca Whitney Photography #familyphotography #wellesleycollegephotoshoot #sisters

Just as the sun was near to setting, we made our way down to the water and then up where the golden light shone through on these gorgeous little ladies!  They definitely lucked out with the most beautiful light of the day!

Family photography at Rebecca Whitney Photography #familyphotography #wellesleycollegephotoshoot #sisters Family photography at Rebecca Whitney Photography #familyphotography #wellesleycollegephotoshoot #sisters Family photography at Rebecca Whitney Photography #familyphotography #wellesleycollegephotoshoot #sisters

What a lovely family and a evening!

Family photography at Rebecca Whitney Photography #familyphotography #wellesleycollegephotoshoot #sisters

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Rise And Shine

I probably shouldn’t say this out loud because then I am inviting Mommy Karma to come down and punish me, but Little H is still such a rockstar napper.  At 26 months, she is still napping hard, barely making it through Em’s preschool drop-off before heading straight home and up to bed.  Probably once per week she falls asleep on the way home and does the completely-unconscious-dead-body transfer, where she is so completely asleep I can barely carry her inside.

She wakes up easy, too, ready to rejoin the world and go get brother and sister and have some fun!


One day I happened to have my camera on my shoulder when I went into her room to get her.  She was so sweet and smiley, and even though I only had my 85mm lens so I was literally pressed up against the opposite wall, I got some shots to remember what her sweet, freshly woken face looks like.  Crazy hair and all!

IMG_0739PicMonkey Collage


IMG_0697PicMonkey Collage2IMG_0717

Ah, this is what having that last baby a few years later is all about.  This time in Em’s life is such a blur; I was just surviving!  But with Little H, I am savoring every moment of her growing up.  And I hope she continues to nap like this for a long, long time!

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Along For The Ride

This little peanut is going places.  Damned if I know the plan but she certainly does.

1 IMG_1085

As my littlest, she has my full cooperation to run through the grass, stop and admire rocks or slugs or butterflies, and to basically do anything with her that makes her smile like this.


Life is most certainly an adventure with this very active, very inquisitive, very excited-about-life two-year-old.  I’m just along for the ride, which is right where I want to be.

Sidenote: Five minutes later we embraced life and went to explore the muddy riverbank nearby, only for me to realize the mud was literally a foot deep and I sank up to my knees in disgusting, smelly river mud with Little H in one arm and my camera slung over the other.  I had to pull my feet out of my shoes and abandon them to crawl out of the mud and put her and the camera on dry land, then head back to extricate said shoes (which were only worth it because they are my good winterproof sneakers).  Ten minutes later we begged our way into a public bathroom so I could wash the mud that was layering me from fingertip to elbow and from toes to knees.  Following where this girl leads will always be an adventure!

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Magic Wands

After a winter spent indoors and with patches of snow still on the ground, a warm morning with bubbles wands felt like something conjured by our Fairy Godmother.


These girls were thrilled to be together, thrilled to be outside, thrilled to be doing something so summer-tastic, thrilled Little H had finally figured out how to blow bubbles on her own!  Yes, she poured most of the bubble solution on her toes, but we are only looking on the bright side when it comes to magic wands.

IMG_8330IMG_8346 IMG_8337

I can’t even complain about how Em dripped so much bubble solution on Little H’s hair that when I put her in the tub that night she literally lathered into a bubble wig all her own.  It was worth it.

IMG_8338 IMG_8339


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Father’s Day Mini Session

Over the years I have recreated a Father’s Day present for JDubbs to show how our kids have grown over time, and it occurred to me that perhaps others would want to get in on the fun as well!  After all, I have the letters, and a beautiful town for photos!  So why not do another round of mini sessions, this time in celebration of Father’s Day?Father's Day Collage5PicMonkey-Collage

 Below are the details to take advantage of this very special opportunity!

The mini sessions will take place Saturday, May 30th (with a potential rain date of Sunday, May 31st) and Monday, June 1st (with a rain date of June 2nd) from 5-7 pm in Quechee.  I will be in an assigned spot and you will meet me there at your appointed time.  Each slot will be 15 minutes and will be portraits of your loved ones holding the light blue letters D-A-D and one group shot.  You will be assigned a time slot for which you cannot cancel or miss.  Once you sign your contract, you are obligated to pay the $40 fee or find someone to fill in for you if you cannot attend.  Your slot cannot be rescheduled.

Here is what the package will entail:

 - One 15 minute session

- 4 full resolution digital images for you to print at your leisure sent via digital download.  We will spend the last few minutes of the shoot selecting your images to edit.

- The opportunity to make a la carte purchases from the Rebecca Whitney Photography gallery, including digital downloads, until the end of June 2015.


The slots will be filled in the order in which people responded to the Upper Valley Kid Swap post, first come first serve.

I am looking forward to working with you to create lasting gifts that your loved ones will cherish for a lifetime!

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