Right On Track: A More Urban Photo Shoot

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing this wonderful family before, but that was last autumn on a gorgeous fall day with lots of sunshine to spare.  When we met again this year, things were a little different.  The family is still beautiful with my favorite kind of personalities to work with–flexible, fun, ready for anything, spontaneous.  But the one thing we couldn’t ignore was the weather–it was windy and cold!


Ah, well.  Look on the bright side.  Weather like this is the perfect excuse for these awesome siblings to bundle up under blankets and snuggle.  Makes for great photos!


Nothing keeps this family down; we had a great time by the river and there was even an impromptu tug-of-war!  But when even the most fun-loving kids won’t come out from under their wraps, as a photographer you know it’s time to move on.


On the other side of the river we found some awesome, sheltered spots that made for the perfect, more urban backgrounds to our family photo shoot.  All it took was some brick, a new box of chalk, and some railroad tracks, and these kids were back on track.


IMG_0673 IMG_0679

Not to mention, we took the Christmas card photo of my dreams!


Even in the chilliest weather, this family was so much fun (and not to mention gorgeous)!  Being flexible and fun-loving (and did I mention the dance party?) helps bring out the best in any family photo shoot, no matter where you end up!


Thanks for a great day, F Family!

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Delightful, Yet Again

Sometimes the Photography Gods are kind to me and they send a really fabulous family back to have their photos taken a few years after we first worked together.  It’s the best kind of luck, and flattery, to get to work with such a beautiful family as this once again.

IMG_0057-2 1

I love working with families who want photos that convey who they are, and especially who their children are, at a particular age.  William is a delightful, feisty, energetic little guy who kept all of us on our toes the entire shoot long!  But the time flew by because they were just enjoying the time together as a family, and all I had to do was chase after them to document the fun.

IMG_0298-2 IMG_0314

People ask me for advice on photo shoots all the time, and I always say to be yourself, connect with your family, and show how much you love each other.

IMG_0415-2 IMG_0429-2


The photos will take care of themselves after that.


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Tammy & Marc’s Engagement Shoot

** I’ve been doing so many photo shoots lately that for the next few days I’m going to post a bunch of professional photography posts, not ones of my kids.  Hope you don’t mind a cute photo or two to help get you by!  #blowinuptheblog **

Sometimes I wish I could only take photos for people I love, so I could really know them as people and try to portray that in their photos.  In this case, with Tammy (who is basically family) and her fiance, Marc, I wanted nothing more than to create the engagment photo shoot of their dreams–foliage in Vermont, a crisp autumn day, with lots of love and sunshine pouring out of every photo.

IMG_8952 IMG_8978

Well, we had the love and we had the sunshine, but boy was it hot that day!  Like, in the high 80’s kind of hot.  Not exactly quintessential, autumn.  What these two needed was a cold beer!  Luckily, they made the most of it and still looked wonderful and happy together.

IMG_9122 IMG_9196-2

Love these two, and can’t wait to celebrate with them in the spring!


Wishing you both every happiness!

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Jax’s 6th Birthday: More Than Meets The Eye

This year, when Jax turned six, he didn’t just turn six.  He transformed.



He wanted a Transformer birthday party, and even though we didn’t do the usual go-big-or-go-home friend party because his big gift was a trip to NYC with Dad, I couldn’t resist playing on his love for all things Optimus Prime and Rescue Bots to give him a small family party that was more than meets the eye.


His Auntie Jenny gave him an Optimus Prime costume for his gift, and with a little help from blue rock candy Energon, he was powered up and energized to have a fantastic birthday!

2 IMG_0244  IMG_0262

Auntie Amanda and Uncle Chris came up for the day and, as usual, they got down into the trenches for some Autobots vs. Megatron action.


Then we played Pin The Autobot Shield on Optimus, and even Little H got in the game!


And finally, we played an intense few games of Kick The Can Transformers-style, which is basically  good guys protecting the All Spark (which is a sort of Tranformers treasure of some kind–at least that’s what I’m told) from invading Decepticons in an epic battle of good vs. evil.  Basically, I was excited to have a chance to play Kick The Can with my kids and this was as good an excuse as any.  Jax was excited to defend humanity as all good Transformers do.


My boy is six!  His presence in my life is more than I could have ever asked for; he is such a special boy.  This year is going to hold so many new adventures for us all!


Love you, Jax!

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My Heart In Gold

This light, these leaves, these three.


There was no choice but to stop what we were doing and revel in it.


No choice but to introduce littlest sister to this golden world.  To show her how amazing this life is, how we are surrounded by golden moments every day.

IMG_9907 IMG_9916

And some golden “pumpkins,” too, just for good measure.


My heart, wrapped up in gold.

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Baby, It’s Gorgeous Outside

See these two little people?  They are dear to my heart.


And when I am able to capture their sweet selves on a gorgeous autumn day, it makes me so very happy.  Especially since when my camera comes out, sometimes their smiles are hard to come by!

IMG_9442 IMG_9460 IMG_9475

Having a niece and nephew the same ages as my kids is so incredibly fun.  I can relate to them because I know exactly what they like, and it makes family get-togethers all the more memorable.


There’s nothing better than family.



Especially photographing mine on a beautiful day!

IMG_9718-2 IMG_9719-2

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Coffee Filter Watercolor Turkeys

Now that Halloween is over, it’s time for a little Tom Turkey in our lives.  Em had a playdate and she insisted that one of the things she wanted to do was a craft, so we decided to do have one ready and waiting for the girls when her friend arrived.  She chose to make Coffee Filter Turkeys, using watercolors to paint the tail.  Super cute!

I laid out two pieces of construction paper and cut out a turkey body, turkey feet, a beak, and a turkey “snood” (which I just discovered is what that red dangly thing is) for each girl.

Coffee Filter Turkeys @ Rub Some Dirt On It

The website where I found this used markers to color in the turkey tail (dipped in water afterward) but Em didn’t want to do that. She loves painting coffee filters with watercolors so she couldn’t pass up an opportunity to do it again.  She had a vision–she wanted to paint her turkey tail in a rainbow.  I love this sweet girl so much.

Coffee Filter Turkeys @ Rub Some Dirt On It

After the “tail” dries, glue it onto the construction paper, leaving room for the body and feet.

Coffee Filter Turkeys @ Rub Some Dirt On It

Then assemble your turkey and add some eyes.  Color some in or add googly ones!

Coffee Filter Turkeys @ Rub Some Dirt On It Coffee Filter Watercolor Turkeys @ Rub Some Dirt On It

Then step back and be thankful for easy but adorable crafts like this!

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