Unseasonable Autumn

Unseasonably warm autumn days are like crack to me, and this fall has been glorious.  When the light is streaming through orange and yellow maple leaves and vibrant red leaves are like jewels underfoot, my hands itch to get my kids in that golden sunshine and start snapping photos.  Compound that with days that are so warm we don’t even need to bundle up?  I can’t ask for much more from this life.


Cell phone photo of our front yard.

So on a very unseasonably warm day in early October, I took the kids to scope out a future photo shoot location.  The kids were being great, enjoying the day and each other, and I was free to just take photos and soak in the sun.  Basically, my cup was overflowing with autumnal happiness.



See?  This equals heaven when you live in Vermont.


We went down to the river to check out the vantage points from down there, and again, my kids didn’t need me.  In fact, when they needed help, they turned to each other, and that’s when I knew this was a day worth capturing.

IMG_8679 IMG_8684

It’s days like this when I think we should never leave Vermont, when I look around at all the beauty and harmony in nature and I think, what more could I possibly need?  Then I recall that we don’t normally wade in rivers or wear sundresses in October, and I remember life here isn’t always this golden.  But on perfect days like this, it doesn’t matter to me one bit.  This is all I need.

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Round Here

Round here, we’re enjoying…

…Em flourishing in her first real ballet class.


…reading books in various places.

IMG_7855 IMG_8594

…my father-in-law’s 80-200mm lens.  I can’t believe it’s been sleeping in my camera bag for over a year!



IMG_8779 IMG_8782

…and sunshine.  All the sunshine we can muster until it’s too cold to soak it in.



IMG_8634 IMG_8640

And life with these three hoodlums.  Always that!

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Scissor Skills Pumpkins

I’ve been looking for a fun Halloween craft that wouldn’t be too messy or labor intensive for my afternoon exhausted big kids.  As usual, Nurture Store had just the thing.  Scissor Skills Pumpkins!

Scissor Skills Pumpkins

I loved these because they are cute and the kids could do them in the living room with no real mess or fuss.  While they were watching TV I made dotted lines down orange paper to help Jax and Em cut the paper into strips.  Then I asked them to cut down the dotted lines (dotted so they were less likely to show up with any inevitable errors in the cutting).  Em gave this project her full attention; Jax did not.  Typical.

Scissor Skills Pumpkins @ Rub Some Dirt On It

Hence Jax’s strips are a little…shall we say…asymmetrical.  And this was after I helped clean them up a bit.  Again I say, typical Jax.

Scissor Skills Pumpkins @ Rub Some Dirt On It

Then you take all your strips and put them in a star shape with the help of a brass brad to hold them together.  Then you cut out a little green stem out of green paper and have your little helpers curve the strips to create a spherical shape pumpkin.  Secure the top with another brad.  Make sure the paper stem is on top.

Scissor Skills Pumpkins @ Rub Some Dirt On It

Finally, let your kids make jack-o-lantern faces and voila!  A festive decoration that they didn’t even realize was helping improve their fine motor skills.  And cooperation skills, too, because this was definitely a group effort.

Scissor Skills Pumpkins @ Rub Some Dirt On It Scissor Skills Pumpkins @ Rub Some Dirt On It

Well done, my little pumpkins!

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Fantastic Fall Family Photos

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: having a family who chooses to have me take their photos not once, not twice, but several times, is nothing but the greatest compliment they could pay me.  Getting to watch their family grow and knowing them well makes the experience such a pleasure.  And when the family’s home looks like something out of a Sears portrait backdrop, it makes my job a breeze.

IMG_9436 1

IMG_9588 IMG_9600

2 IMG_9731

Such fantastic fall photos!

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18 Months 2 Days

I had to take photos of Little H on this day, the day she turned 18 months and 2 days old, because that is exactly how old Jax was when Em was born.  And since I thought he was “so big” then, I needed to do a bit of a comparison study to see just how big babies this age are.


Turns out, not very big!  See?  They still love their binkies and their blankies aren’t filthy disgusting rotten yet (although they will be soon considering they are dragged everywhere, even outside).  If it’s one of my kids, his or her hair doesn’t even need to be cut yet.  They still put random things in their mouths and if you didn’t have baby gates, kids this age would currently be en route to the ER.  Little did I know when I thought Jax was “so big,” that in fact he was really so little.


And here they all are, as close to exactly 18 months as I could get, all with their binkies.  Shocker.

18 months

All my babies, all so very little!  What was I thinking to have another so soon?!

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Hello Again

Hi! I’ve been absent this long weekend because I’ve been hanging out with darlings such as my Wild At Heart (capital letters required) niece, Stella.


So after a great, family-filled, happy weekend, I’ll be back in full effect tomorrow.  Until then, enjoy that cuteness.

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Picky Picky

Remember that afternoon I had alone to myself with Little H?  Well, we didn’t just hit the beach.  Before that we worked up a sweat “picking” blueberries–and by picking, I mainly mean she walked around and pointed to them and either ate them immediately or squished them and dropped them on the ground.  Developmentally appropriate, right?  At least we had fun.

IMG_5465 1

Rare moments alone with Little H are each and every one a blessing.  I am currently in a state of high appreciation of every nanosecond of her babyhood, so every unstable step between blueberry bushes, every delighted exclamation or attempt to count the number of berries on a branch is incredibly dear to my Mommy heart.  Call me sappy, but this is my last baby and I’m going to make every memory count.


Oh, and she’s gosh darn cute.  Can you blame me?


Love her and her impetuous spirit, her enthusiasm about life and her darling self.  So incredibly grateful to have her.


Our special baby girl.

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