Welcome, Baby F!

Look what I get to do for work.

Newborn Photography @ Rebecca Whitney Photography Newborn Photography @ Rebecca Whitney Photography

I get to meet these little bundles of heaven and watch as their parents get to know them, cherish them, and love on them like crazy.

Newborn Photography @ Rebecca Whitney PhotographyNewborn Photography @ Rebecca Whitney Photography Newborn Photography @ Rebecca Whitney Photography

The babies are pretty fond of their mommies and daddies, too.

Newborn Photography @ Rebecca Whitney Photography Newborn Photography @ Rebecca Whitney Photography Newborn Photography @ Rebecca Whitney Photography Newborn Photography @ Rebecca Whitney Photography

Oh, days like this I count my blessings that my life has worked out to be full of joy in every aspect.  With clients like these, “work” doesn’t feel like work at all!

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Beautiful Bubbles

It’s starting again, that wonderful, glorious, beautiful time of year that parents in cold weather regions love the most.  When you can look at your kids and say, “Go outside,” and they do, without ten minutes of layering and finding matching mittens and helping tuck snow pants inside boots.  Independence.  Just a couple of sweatshirts, some bubble wands, and a warm day. Pure parental heaven.


Of course, camera-loving parents aren’t off the hook that easily.  It’s hard to hear squeals of delight and peals of laughter and not want to go join in the fun, at least from with camera in hand!

IMG_8315 IMG_8321

These two partners in crime are going to be a lot of fun this summer, whether I’m part of the action or observing through my lens. I know that when they add big brother to the mix, the possibilities for lots of outdoor laughs are endless.

IMG_8330 IMG_8338 IMG_8339

My heart is “bubbling over” with excitement!

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Peaches and Cream

My darling Em is such a lovely little girl inside and out, but sometimes the outside just gets me more often than usual.  Usually it has to do with the light, and if she let me brush her hair that day, and what’s she’s wearing.  But when the stars all align, everything about her is just peaches and cream to me.


 IMG_7867  IMG_7825 IMG_7840

This girl is just naturally sweet, with a touch of sass of course.  When I step back and observe her as she is playing quietly or engaged in something she really enjoys, more often than not, I can’t believe I am lucky enough to call her mine.  Her little smile gets me every time.


Love this little peach of mine.

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Waning Winter Cell Phone Dump

Lots of time spent inside, lots of snowy days, lots of quiet moments and lots of cherished family connections fill this cell phone photo dump.  Lots of extra pajama time and lots of sweet sleeping babies.  This winter was wonderful, but I’m glad that it’s gone!  Love these kids, love these moments, love this precious life.

65 66 67 68

Welcome, spring, and a whole new season of photos, with glorious longer days!

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Family Photography Love

I am knee-deep in editing my mini sessions from a week ago, and I have been lucky enough to finish a gallery or two, with several more to go.  So I may be a bit more absent from the blog than usual, but it’s all for the love of photography, especially family photography, which speaks to my soul.

I was lucky enough to photograph this beautiful family for the third time, and you know I love them so much because I highlighted their last shoot in my Tips For A Successful Family Photo Shoot post.  I always look forward to working with them because their love for each other is just palpable, and they are professional life-lovers–always stopping to enjoy the moment, explore the world, and most wonderfully, they almost forget I am there.

Family Photography @ Rebecca Whitney Photography

Family Photography @ Rebecca Whitney Photography

They’re also naturally affectionate, which is one of my favorite qualities in a photography subject!

Family Photography @ Rebecca Whitney Photography

One of my favorite things to ask families to do during their photo shoot is to tell someone a secret and to have a dance party.  They force people to be connected, touch, and almost always guarantees a smile.  These two were no exception!

Family Photography @ Rebecca Whitney Photography Family Photography @ Rebecca Whitney Photography
Family Photography @ Rebecca Whitney PhotographyFamily Photography @ Rebecca Whitney Photography

Thank you for letting me take your photos again!  I always have such fun.

Family Photography @ Rebecca Whitney Photography

And I think you do, too!

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At Last!

Every year spring arrives and every year that doesn’t mean anything to us up here in Vermont.  The temperatures hover around freezing, the snow continues to fall, and we feel like winter will never end.  But, slowly, when April arrives, we got a few warmer days and suddenly, winter is over and mud season begins!


Mud season, like so many things, feels unique to Vermont.  With our unpaved road and driveway and acres of forest around us, we don’t get the full sun too long each day, and so the snow lingers longer at our house than it does in other parts of town.  The kids are treated to so many days of muddy puddles, and although I don’t love it, I know they do!

IMG_7905 1

This is Little H’s first mud season where she could walk.  She isn’t sure about the whole thing, but bringing the Why Writer along for protection seems to help (although it doesn’t help keep her feet dry)!


Another favorite part of mud season is exploring the neighborhood to see how it has changed over the winter.


Room to roam is a glorious thing!

IMG_7930 IMG_7934 IMG_7939 IMG_7945

All our kids love it, especially our first child–Baxter the pup!


By the end of our adventure Little H was sold on all this sunshine and good times with her brother and sister.  I’m so glad because this kind of happiness is the root of all our family fun!

IMG_7957 IMG_7956

Goodbye, winter!  Goodbye, snow!  We are ready for spring and sunshine.

IMG_7966 IMG_7979

Outside and happy, at last!

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Girlfriend can’t leave the house without looking good.

IMG_0305 IMG_0307

I mean, have you ever seen such skills at accessorizing?


All I know is she and her sister are going to run us out of house and home with their fancy budget.  Go big or go home, I guess!


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