Busy Being Awesome

Sorry if I am a bit absent this week, but my niece and nephew are here and we are busy being awesome.  Skipping rocks, soaking in sunshine, swimming in rivers awesome.

photo 3


photo 5

Love these two!

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Just Another Day On The Farm

On a lovely summer day after Jax got out of school, the kids and I took a picnic lunch and headed to our nearby dairy farm to say hello to all the animal friends.


We go there every year, and every year I get sucked into that good old Vermont sunshine and remind myself that life up here just ain’t so bad.

IMG_3001 IMG_3004



Little H was pretty impressed with the cows and horses, crying “Moooo!” to her heart’s content.  But there was something about the sheep that she did not care for and the only thing that could settle her down was lunch.  Maybe they made her hungry.




We went inside the Billings Farm museum and talked about how life in Vermont has changed over time, with Em exclaiming over the maple syrup exhibit (you know, since she’s an expert) and Jax was very intrigued by the farm equipment.  The kids ran and stretched and learned and breathed in all the goodness and fresh air a day at the farm can bring.


Loving life in the sun with these three!

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Q-Tip Art For Everyone

Having all three kids at home has put a bit of a cramp on my arts and crafts style; I assumed Little H was too young to do anything but eat the paint or stuff crayons up her nose, and the big kids are way more interested in playing outside than sitting quietly at the kitchen table.  But after a few rainy days I knew that the kids were tired of doing the same old thing, and I decided to risk getting Little H involved in the name of creativity.  So I pulled out an old standby–painting with Q-tips!

I shouldn’t have worried about Little H, although she did give the paint a taste or two.  She was psyched to be included in the fun!

Q-Tip Art @ Rub Some Dirt On It Q-Tip Art @ Rub Some Dirt On It

The big kids were happy to have some quiet play; they even asked me to trace a design in pencil so they could express the picture they had in mind.  Jax got frustrated quickly because the Q-tips were taking too long to fill in his Tranformers symbol, so he switched to a regular paintbrush, but Em thought a spotted elephant was just the way to go.

Q-Tip Art @ Rub Some Dirt On It

Q-Tip Art @ Rub Some Dirt On It

My littlest Picasso made her first-ever painting (and you’ve got to love her little toes on the table!).  Sometimes a little work to prepare a craft is worth every contemplative and creative moment thereafter.

Q-Tip Art @ Rub Some Dirt On It

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Party Time

Little H threw herself her first tea party and between the pouring, drinking, and organizing, she was completely content.

IMG_2586 1

She was having such a great time, big sister couldn’t help but join in!

IMG_2596 IMG_2598

But Little H kept playing long after Em grew tired of it.  This may become her new favorite pastime!


Anything that makes her this happy is fine by me!

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The Difference A Year Makes

Last summer I photographed a beautiful family who was expecting a little boy, and with how adorable their daughter was, I was looking forward to seeing this little guy when he turned one.

1 2

I was not disappointed!  Could he be any sweeter?

4 6

His sweet personality and adorable self was more than a delight.  Sometimes being a photographer is just too great.IMG_3353


What a great way to spend a morning!

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A Fantastic Fourth

Yet another fantastic 4th of July celebration in Quechee, with lots of family present and kids who are so big that they were able to just go along with their cousins and check in now and then.  A whole new world–I guess this really is a day of independence!


That is, until Em wanted to stand in line for a half hour to get a balloon animal and her face painted.  Big cousins aren’t waiting around for that!  So I waited in the never-ending face painting line while she stood in the balloon animal line and got herself a giraffe, Little H a dog, and big brother a balloon sword.

IMG_3568 IMG_3581

We still had a while to wait, but it was worth it.  The make-up artist was so impressed with Em and her ability to sit still.  Little did she know my girl takes make-up very seriously.



We played games, stood in more lines, won prizes, had a few drinks, ate ice cream, had lots of laughs and waited for the sun to go down.


IMG_3601 IMG_3610 IMG_3617 IMG_3626

All three of our kids loved the fireworks.  Little H kept pointing to the sky and saying, “Pop!” and signing “more!”  One of my favorite summer memories every year.




Such a fantastic 4th of July celebration!  My favorite since moving here!

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Em The Engineer

One of our family’s favorite books is Rosie Revere, Engineer by Andrea Beaty, which tells the story of a smart little girl who loves to create and build, turning the ideas in her mind into a reality.  It’s a wonderful book for the little girl in your life, who may have had her fill of princesses.  My little girl resembles Rosie in more way than one, although she is still a princess through and through.


Em has always been very visual-spatial, loving puzzles and creating castles and creations out of blocks of all sizes.  On this day, I loved watching her build a tower as high as she could reach, and when it fell over, she just plopped down on the ground and began building something else.


IMG_3502 IMG_3506

Who needs a prince when you can build a castle of your own?

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