What Bugs Us

What bugs us is that we’re expecting 6-12 inches of snow on Friday and it was 50 degrees today!  There are finally places where we can see the ground and stupid Old Man Winter is sticking to his guns and going out in a blaze of glory.  A foot of snow in April.  Haven’t seen the likes of that since ’97.  Do I sound like a crazy Vermonter sitting in a rocking chair in front of my pellet stove?  That’s the tone I was going for.
So what to do to usher in some spring time happiness?  Get some bugs of our own.  Ladybugs!
You can have one, too.  We’ll share.
Here’s how you make a ladybug of your very own.  And I know I always say my crafts are super quick and easy, but this one is remarkably simple.  Ten minutes, tops.
1 segment of an egg carton (save the other 11 for a rainy day or make a whole ladybug tribe)
markers or paint to color your ladybug
1 black pipe cleaner
googly eyes or some other eye option
First, cut out one segment of an egg carton.  Color it red or whatever color suits your fancy if you’re a non-conformist.  With Jax, there is no other color besides red.  He’s a little obessed.
Then take a Sharpie, black marker, or black paint and make your ladybug dots, face, and line down the back (I don’t know what that’s for, exactly, but I like the way it looks).
Cut your pipe cleaner to make 6 little legs.  Tape them inside your ladybug and fold them so it stands nicely.
Add your eyes, mouth, and antennae if you wish.  Our mouth was with a yellow colored pencil line but it didn’t show up too well.  You can be creative and come up with a mouth alternative, or just skip it altogether.  We skipped the antennae because Em just woke up and it’s never a good idea to rush poking sharp scissors through flimsy cardboard.  He came out cute regardless!
Em loves him, too, and has yet to ingest an eye or a leg.  So far, so good.
So there’s a quick craft for a day when Mother Nature or somebody else starts bugging you.  I promise you those little googly eyes will turn your frown upside down!
I hope you try it!  And feel free to leave a comment and let me know what’s bugging you!
We’ll get through this Mud Season together!
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