Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful father, my wonderful husband, and all the men in my family and life who are such amazing role models and parents.  I won’t have time to post much because we’ll be busy doing a lot of this: 

This was the view from our deck Friday night:

Not an ususual sight for us throughout the summer, but especially exciting because today we will be attending this:

JDubbs has wanted to spend his Father’s Day here for the past three years, and we always have a great time.  Last night was especially exciting because we watched the hot air balloon launch, with 15 or so balloons hovering above us on the Quechee Green, amazing the children and adults alike in their unique beauty.

So here’s to the men who support us day in and day out, who love us unconditionally, and who helped us create those perfect little cherubs who  make our lives worth living!  Here’s to JDubbs, the love of my life, and one of the most amazing fathers I know.

Happy Father’s Day!

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