A Closer Look At Serenity

Jason and I slipped away for a little slice-of-heaven-mini-vacation to Bermuda last weekend.  Since we mostly enjoyed excellent meals and relaxed in various spots throughout the island, I don’t have much to add other than my photos, which will be all you need to get a sense of our getaway.

Our studio cottage with its private dock was the absolutely perfect home base.  I guess you can’t complain if you like being home as much as you like being out and about.

We were pretty centrally located and could walk into Flatts Village for dinner and to catch the bus.  Did you know that rental cars are not allowed in Bermuda and that each family is only allowed one vehicle?  Otherwise they drive mopeds or take the super safe and clean bus transportation system.  We had no problems catching the bus and enjoy a lovely walk to get to the main stop just five minutes away.

We went to dinner in the main city of Hamilton on the first night, but the next two we returned to Flatts Village for some of the best dining experiences I’ve had in a long time.  Actually, although the food throughout the island was expensive, it was almost always delicious.  Even though we weren’t too adventurous with our dining choices, who could blame us for wanting to return to Flatts every night when this was our walk there?

Although we loved Flatts, we did explore other places on the island as well.  I was hobbled by an unfortunate run-in with a sea urchin, which, when you’re doing most of your traveling by foot, was most unpleasant–

and I spent three lovely hours in the ER once we returned to the States to have the worst ones removed.  But it didn’t stop us from heading to St. Georges for JDubbs’s birthday lunch or from having fun.

Or from enjoying several tasty beverages at The Swizzle Inn, where we spent the early afternoon of his birthday and returned for the live music later that night.  We particularly enjoyed their bumper stickers and JDubbs had more than his share of Rum Swizzle, the island’s signature drink.

We planned on only staying for an hour or so that night, but the music was so great and JDubbs was getting lots of attention–and free shots–for his birthday, so we stayed until closing.  Let’s just say, not having to wake up with our little ones the next morning was much appreciated!

The rest of the weekend was spent either quietly relaxing, reading by our cottage, kayaking the sound, and living it up at the beach.

Mmmmm….birthday cigar.

We were able to meet up with an old friend of mine from high school, who actually lives in Bermuda with her husband and adorable little girl Paige, and she took us to two unbelieveable beaches.  One was abandoned and known only by locals, with sea glass embedded on every surface.

The other was the most well-known and popular beach on the island, Horseshoe Beach.  With its spongy pink sand, turquoise water and perfect waves, it was exactly what we had imagined Bermuda to be.


Four days of serenity with my baby, three nights away.  I have a feeling we’ll be back.  It’s just too close–and too tempting–to resist.

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