A Funny Filler: Pipe Cleaners

I thought this activity would buy me fifteen minutes of freedom, but to my surprise, they played together nicely for 50 minutes!

After a while, when the natives have been there and done that, change it up a bit.  It only takes one new ingredient , like pom poms, to create Entertainment Soup.

I gave them a bag of pom poms and one spoon each.  Soon they were mixing soup and tasting it with their spoons; it was especially great to see Em engaging in such imaginative play.

Inevitably, fighting began.  Two kids, two spoons, one colander.  So I added a bowl and they began pouring the imaginary soup back in forth into each other’s bowl, culminating in a pom pom food fight.

They were playing together.  With each other.  A miracle.  Suddenly, without realizing it, I found myself back at the table, playing with them, laughing with them, instead of busy doing the other things that I thought were so important to accomplish during filler time.  Instead of being a “filler” activity, it became just an activity.  Family fun.  And with these two becoming closer friends, maybe I can start thinking about those in-between times as just time for them to establish the kind of relationship I hope they will have.  Move over filler time; it’s time for family fun.

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