Cookies, Cocktails, & Crowns!

This month’s Cocktails & Crafts extravaganza was extra special because it was not only our monthly get together with friends to nurture our children’s creative sides, but it was also a birthday party!  A one-year-old birthday party for sweet Paisley, with a cocktail on the side.

When I walked in and saw Evelyn wearing the crown Katherine had made for the kids to follow as an example, I didn’t realize it was the craft we were doing that day and I immediately thought, I need to figure out how to make that!  I love it! Little did I know, I would shortly be making not one, but two, and they would be easier to make than I would have imagined.  Here’s how you do it.


  • stiff paper (like posterboard) for the headband (although felt might be kind of cool),
  • tissue paper in assorted colors (Katherine followed an autumn theme so we had red, orange, yellow, and two shades of green)
  • stapler


1.  Cut the paper into strips about 3″ in width, and measure them around your child’s head for the circumference.  My kids have amazingly large heads, as I discovered, compared to their friends!

2.  Cut the tissue paper into circles that are large enough to cover the entire width of the paper.  Take five circles, pile them on top of each other, and staple them to the strip.

You can use multiple colors in one pile or all the same color.  I will have examples of how they turn out later.

3.  Cover your paper strip with piles of circles, each one overlapping its neighbors because you will be scrunching these circles into smaller flowers, and you don’t want the white in between the flowers to show through.

4.  Once your strip is covered in circle piles, scrunch them up so that they resemble flowers.  Continue until all your circles look are scrunched and your strip, when turned into a ring, looks like a crown of flowers.

They are super easy to make, unless you’re me and you’re trying to make two at the same time, while keeping my kids from inflicting stapler injuries upon each other, and taking photos to document the process.  Needless to say, I put it on auto and was just grateful I made it out alive.  My friends certainly fared better.  They have a bit more je ne sai quoi.

I kept thinking as I made my own kids’ crowns, What?  This doesn’t fit yet?  Damn, you guys have big heads!

Keeping my composure aside, I really really love these crowns, and although it has been almost a month since we made them, they are still in perfect condition in my home and they get worn a lot!  In fact, all the kids seemed to really enjoy them, even the boys, who I feared may spurn a craft that could come off as too girly.  No need to fear; they all wore theirs!

After the craft, we celebrated the birthday girl with sugar cookies (in a monochromatic crown–you can see the difference in her flowers, as they are all the same color for each pile).

Then we enjoyed a yummy dinner and some cool white wine as the last of summer’s warmth faded into a crisp autumn evening.  Time to switch to red!

The kids had a blast together, as usual, and the moms got to linger and catch up and meet the newest friend to grace our baby circle, Porter.

We let the kids run themselves ragged before changing them into pajamas to head home and go straight to bed.  We all had a lot of fun and had a chance to create something beautiful that is still a major part of creative play in our house!  Thanks, Katherine, for a great idea and for opening your home.  Thanks, Paisley, for having a rocking first birthday party!

Creating beautiful things with beautiful friends.

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