A Treat For the Senses

So many of the blogs I love to read and respect have been encouraging me to create some sort of sensory box or experience for my kids to just explore and enjoy on their own.  I love all things that promote independent play, so when we were at the grocery store last week, I had the kids pick up some colorful bags of navy beans and split peas and a box of elbow noodles.

We have cups, cars, and sorters aplenty, so other than a cookie sheet apiece to stage their sensory scenes, we were ready to go on a warm autumn day.

Happy children, quietly playing together or apart, without their mommy.  Can somebody tell me why I hadn’t been doing this all summer?

Well, the mess is less than ideal, and although the cookie sheets made a valiant effort, they could not contain the spoils of my children’s hard work.  Their little fine-motor-skilled fingers were working feverishly to build new roads, put beans in and dump them out, sort by color, and, of course, throw them at each other and feed them to the dog.

I’m not much for sweeping, and I think that the animals that reside in the woods around our home would like a healthy bean/noodle snack, so doing this project outside sounds ideal.  But we’re about to enter that lovely time of year known as winter up here in Vermont, and we have been known to have snow on the ground on the 1st of May.  So do any of you sensory-savvy parents have suggestions about how I can keep this mess to a minimum?  Because brooms and I don’t really get along.

And I am officially a sensory box/cookie sheet convert.  I want to keep this magic going all winter long.

See what keeping up with cool blogs can do?  Make you a better parent.  And if the kids learn how to play nicely together in the process, why, even better!

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