A Quick Christmas Craft

I found these foam trees at JoAnn Fabrics (a 20 pack for $3 with the close-t0-Christmas-discount!) and I picked them up immediately, although at the time I was still unsure about what I would use them for.  I was inspired by a craft over at Meet the Dubiens (a phenomenal site for any crafty parent!) that used thumbprints to create a string of Christmas lights.  I figured I could do something similar on my trees, so I did what we saw often do over here when paint is involved: we winged it and hoped for the best.

If you can’t find these foam Christmas trees, you could always just cut them out from card stock.  I used a Sharpie to draw Christmas light cords across the trees (it worked better on the non-glittery tree) and gave it a second to dry.  Then I let the little ones dip whichever fingers they chose–they are all about the same size–into the paint and then guided them to dab in the right places.

Each print required more glue than I had anticipated, but although it was a bit drippier than I had thought it would be, overall, the look was what we were going for.  That is, until Baby Girl got herself going and began dabbing with enthusiasm!  She finally just smeared all the colors together on our palette, stuck all five fingers in, and then smacked away at the tree.  It works that way, too.

What an artist!

I then glued all our trees onto a piece of paper, drew some stumps, and added a quick Merry Christmas! to the bottom.

A cheerful touch to our kitchen and a festive way to make the kids happy.  Why don’t you take a minute tonight to capture the spirit of the holiday and do the same?

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