Angels Among Us

Can you tell I have a blog crush going on?  I’m kind of obsessed with Meet the Dubiens, as you must realize if you’re here often enough, and when I saw this seasonal craft for hand print angels, I knew I wanted to do it with my kids and my nephew Tommy over the holiday weekend.  They came out pretty damn awesome if you ask me!

It’s super easy, so you barely need any instructions, but here are the materials required:

  • Card stock for the angel’s dress, skin, hair, and the halo if you feel like cutting out teeny tiny circles.  Don’t forget some kind of background.  Also, our angels have no legs or arms; you may want to add some, but I like to think ours are hiding under their clothes
  • googly eyes
  • glue
  • white finger paint
  • marker for the smile
  • silver Sharpie paint marker for the halo (I also used it to write the kids’ names beneath the angels)


  • Do all the legwork while the kids are playing.
  • Make sure the hair fits over the head appropriately.  I was mad that I forgot the brown card stock so all our angels are blond, even though the children aren’t.  My MIL is keeping these, and don’t be surprised if I fix that next year when she takes them out again.
  • Glue the dress and head to the background card stock.  Glue the googly eyes and hair in the appropriate places

  • Draw a smile and halo (or cut one out)
  • Paint your child’s hands white and create hand print wings
  • Embellish as desired!

I loved these angels individually, but when all three were lined up next to each other, they were even sweeter!  If I was really really crafty, I would have tried to come up with some way to have them holding harps or some other angelic accessory, but that only occurred to me just now.  I’d love to see how you make this craft your own; do one today and let me know!

A heavenly craft, to be sure!

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