Happiness Is…{getting away}

Do you see a trend here?  6 months ago I had an identical title for my happiest post of the week; JDubbs and I just love taking a weekend away here and there, just the two of us.  In March we went to Montreal, in June to Bristol, VT, in September to Bermuda, and for New Year’s Eve, JDubbs kidnapped me for a surprise trip away to Stowe, Vermont!  We live such crazy busy lives that although we make time to have dinner together and talk several times a day, we need distance from our computers, families, and everyday life to help make the connection even better.  We both know it, so we embrace it and make sure we find time for it.  And when that weekend away comes as a completely spontaneous surprise, it’s even better!

It took a bit of finagling and even some straight up lying by members of my family, but I was truly shocked when Jason came to pick me up on Saturday morning at the gallery where my photos are going to be displayed tomorrow (more on that later!) in his car, with no kids, and the GPS heading north!  My bags were packed almost perfectly (no hairbrush), and he was willing to stop and buy me a new shirt if none of the ones he brought were appropriate.  Plus, he got us tickets to see one of our favorite bands play at a great New Year’s Eve party that rocked out all night long!

Thoughtful, surprising, exciting, romantic.  I know I tell you all the time, but JDubbs is pretty much the perfect husband and you should all be jealous.  Well, at least I think so!

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