Button, Button, Who’s Got The Button?

Ah, didn’t you all just love that poem yesterday?  It’s been running through my head for days, and when e.e. cummings is occupying your mind, that’s a good thing.  As for the button heart, here’s how to share the love.

Materials: card stock, multicolored buttons, tacky glue, scissors


Cut a heart out of card stock in the color of your choice.  Spread Tacky Glue on it in the pattern of your choice.  Pretty easy so far, huh?

Then give your kid an array of buttons and off you go!

My only wish is that I had bought buttons in different sizes.  These were all roughly the same size and I think overall it would have been a cooler look if they had been a bit different.  But now I have a new love–pretty, shiny buttons.  I think that you will be seeing more button crafts where this came from, if only to have an excuse to hoard them.

Moving on.

Jax loved this craft.  I can’t stress that enough.  He was like a living, breathing thesaurus, using every synonym for “pretty” he could think of or had ever heard in his life, with lots of emphasis.  “Mom, I LOVE this craft!  This is so bea-YOU-ti-ful!  These buttons are LOVELY!  Do YOU love this craft, Mom?  I think it is coming along NICE-ly!”

Button Valentines @ Rub Some Dirt On It

He was so meticulous and thoughtful, giving the proper consideration to every button as to their proper placement and color coordination.  Unlike somebody else I know, who woke up from her nap in time to join the fun.

Button Valentines @ Rub Some Dirt on It

Button Valentines @ Rub Some Dirt On It

At first she tried to do as her brother did, using the handful of buttons Jax begrudgingly doled out to her like a little miser.  God forbid she got a cup of her own!  She tried to pick them up and place them accordingly like he was doing, until she got a little tactile defensive–

and decided getting glue on her fingers was for the birds.  Then she just dumped the lot of them on her heart and called it a day.  Hey, it was effective!  I helped fill in the blanks.

So even though they both had different methods, they both produced beautiful button Valentines that I am thrilled to have adorning my mantle.

Button Valentines @ Rub Some Dirt On It

I’ll consider them my Valentine’s present to myself from the kids.  And since my sister said she wanted one and now I refuse to part with either of them, we made her a button lovebug instead.

Button Valentines @ Rub Some Dirt On It

Here’s the tutorial: card stock + buttons = bug.  Let your imagination do the rest.

I heart Valentine’s Day, my kids, and now I heart buttons.  This craft made my heart happy.

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