Fish & Butterfly Valentines

The most beautiful Valentines I’ve ever made!  I love them so much, I wish I could give them to myself.  Kidding (kind of).  Interested? Here we go!

Fish Valentines

Cut out 2 equal sized hearts.  Fit them together so the bumpy sides are overlapping.  Glue.

Add a third, smaller heart for a fishy tail.

A smile and an eye equals a lovely fish valentine!

Butterfly Clothespin Valentines

Take a clothespin, add some hearts for wings and buttons for a body.

Pipe cleaner antennae, pom poms for an extra touch, and there is your beautiful clothespin butterfly valentine!

All this material (including foam hearts for probably 80% off right about now) can be found at your local craft store.  The perfect way to tell someone you care by going the extra mile.  And they really are beautiful.

Happy valentine-ing!

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