Melted Crayon Hearts

I’ve been inspired by Pinterest yet again!  I think Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to get on board over there–there are so many simple and sweet ways to express your love for those who matter to you!  I particularly liked this craft that I found here and thought it would be a great way to send love to Jax and Em’s cousins (and have a very informal science experiment as well).  And I must say, it surprised me how easy it was!

So collect all those broken crayons and preheat your oven.  It’s time to get cooking!

Ingredients: crayons, silicone heart-shaped tray, knife, construction paper, marker, glue


Collect your old crayons and strip the wrappers off.  Using a knife to make a slit first is hugely helpful.

Chop them up into small pieces.  Feel free to enlist your amazing husband if your knife skills are questionable.

Stir and pour into a silicone heart tray (ice cube tray?).  I got mine at IKEA for $2.

Then cook them in your oven for about 15 minutes at 250 degrees.  When they came out, mine were pretty watery, so don’t be alarmed if yours are, too.  Then I left them to cool overnight, popped ’em out of the tray with a knife, and added a construction paper circle with a sweet saying.

Then I’ll send them on their way to our niece and nephews with love from their cousins!  Crayons that will melt their heart!

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