Our Valentine’s Day

I’ve decided that Valentine’s Day is rivaling Christmas as my new favorite holiday.  I went a little craft crazy this February and I’m not sorry about it.  In fact, I really enjoyed it!  I decided that I would become that cool mom and go the extra mile for my kids to show them that I love them.

Is there anything better than a day designed to tell people that you love them?  Especially your kids?  Nope, not to me!

So the day started with a curtain of hearts that we hung across the hallway by the kids’ rooms.  I plan to do this every year, and when they’re older JDubbs and I will make one for each of them across their bedroom doors.  For now, they are pretty much of the same mind and mischief, so we did one for them combined.  It was as fabulous to make as it was to watch them open their doors and see for the first time.

I took a package of foam hearts and taped them to a string of ribbon.  On each heart I wrote things that we love about them individually and in general.

Sitting the evening before with JDubbs, brainstorming things to write was something I will look forward to year after year.  Maybe Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday after all.

Yup, it is.  I did get in engaged on Valentine’s Day, after all.  And this heart curtain thing made me just as happy as then! I plan on keeping them all every year and giving them to the kids when they’re older.  I think it’d be great to get a decade’s worth of love notes from my parents, don’t you?

So after the heart curtain we opened Valentine’s cards and exchanged gifts.  The kids and I made JDubbs something that looked like this–

–and I’d show you the photo except he ate all the gummi worms too quickly for me to catch one.  So imagine for yourself.  I got some beautiful flowers earlier in the week when Miss Em caused a very dramatic stir in a store that just plain exhausted me.

I needed them more then than on Valentine’s Day three days later, and I’m so lucky my husband knows me well enough to realize that.

The kids went downstairs and received their formal Valentine’s from us.  Chocolate, an adorable puppet from The Land of Nod, and a small toy.  Just enough.

Just enough to show that we love them.  My favorite day of the year!

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