Start Your Engines!

Anyone else feeling a little winter stir-crazy?  Man, there’s only so many tents a girl can make and rounds of Hi Ho Cherry-O a girl can take!  I had to come up with something that would entertain Jax on his own for more than five minutes at a time.

Oh, yeah.

We made a racetrack for Jax in the center of his bedroom, for his racing and driving pleasure.  And it’s pretty damn awesome.

Originally I delegated this craft to Jason.  Finally!  A craft you can do!  But we’re not big NASCAR people around here, so other than making a large oval out of electric tape, JDubbs was about as useful as Em in the realistic details department (Sorry, babe.  It’s true).  Jackon would have been completely happy with a giant tape oval, but I had grand imaginings of an actual racetrack, so, as our buddy SuperWhy says, we had a super big problem.  And when we have a question, we look–

–in a book!  Or two, as the case may be!

Anyone else have a zillion of these $4 I Can Read! books laying around?  I just recently found a great way to store those slippery suckers (which I will be sharing soon), but besides how cheap they are, who knew they’d be good as reference books?  When Jax and I were trying to determine where the grass infield is on a racetrack, we had to look no farther than his own books two feet away.  And when we were unsure about the details of a finish line?  Got that covered, too.  The English teacher in me loves looking for the answer in a book rather than online!  I’m glad that we were able to solve those problems so easily.

So now that we knew what we were missing, we just used some materials we had handy to add the details.  We created a pit in the center using more electric tape.  We added a green infield stripe with construction paper as well.

Our pit crew was ready to rock and roll.  For those of you who are familiar with Cars, do you like the attention to detail?  We even have the Doc with the headset (no thanks to me–glad my sister saved all my nephew’s cars for the past 5 years!).  The books were great for those details, too.  Good thing we have, like, 15 of them.

Then I gave the track itself a bit more life using masking tape to create a “road” and Sharpie to make a checkered finish line.

It took about ten minutes and it has paid off in dividends!  The time he spends getting his cars organized and playing there gives us extra peace in the morning and me some quiet in the afternoon.  All with stuff we had around the house!  Plus, when you’re done with it, all you have to do is rip it up, and something tells me Jax will love doing that bit of demolition, too.

So, start your engines!  This activity is perfect for the little crew chief in your life!

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