A Craft & A Car Wash

This one may not be MY personal favorite, but it sure was Jax’s most favorite thing we’ve done in a LONG time!

Here’s what you need.  A handful of teeny cars…

…a dollop of paint in as many colors as you have cars…

…and then let your favorite little person drive all over a piece of paper!

Let me just say that for a little guy who is meticulous, loves not only the destination but the drive, loves nothing more than the open road before him and the wind in his hair?  This was heaven.

He drove his cars all over the paper with purpose and took his serious time figuring out which route he would take to get from Point A to Point B.  It was fabulous to sit shotgun and observe.

After a bit we realized that the paint was getting more on the bottom of the car than on the wheels, so we added a paint brush to the mix to make sure the paint got where it was supposed to go: on the wheels.

And the finished product!

He LOVES it.  I love it, too!  He asked me to hang it up in his room.  I would not be surprised if his cars were driving on it during quiet time, even if it is hanging on the wall.

But, wait! I didn’t even tell you the best part yet!  After the painting is done, there is still more!  Because you can’t leave those cars covered in paint!  Time for a car wash!

Very possibly even more fun for him than the craft itself!

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