Counting On Rainbows

Day 3 of sharing rainbow activities and crafts to celebrate the coming spring and St. Patrick’s Day!  This is a good one for any day, any season, and any age–well, any age that doesn’t try to eat paper or pom poms.

This is a good counting, sorting, and color-identifying activity that I found here, one of my favorite kid-friendly sites.  Em was content to identify the colors and sort through pom poms, but Jax loved it all.

First I took 10 different color pieces of paper and wrote the numbers 1-10 on them.  Rainbow order is fun, but not necessary.

I found brown eventually.

Then Jax stacked bristle blocks on the paper.  Each paper had the corresponding number of bristle blocks.  One on 1, two on 2, three on 3, etc.

After that we sorted through my stash of pom poms and  he put the correct colors on each paper.  This is when Em danced around happily yelling, “Green!’ and “pink!”  Surprisingly, she’s usually right.  When did she grow up so fast?

Too fast for a picture anyway.

Seems simple enough, right?  Not a lot to it?  Well, sometimes the simplest things pass the time most pleasantly.  Both children were amused and maybe they learned something.  Plus I kept the papers for another day–hopefully we’ll use them once or twice more in this way before I tape them to the kitchen floor for hopscotch!

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