Creating Rainbows With Pencil Erasers

Day #1 of  sharing beautiful rainbow crafts in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day!

Click the image above to be taken to even more fabulous rainbow crafts!

This one was fun and easy for both kids, one and three years old.  We painted using pencil erasers and failed attempted to make rainbows.  I found it, as always, on Pinterest.  The kids were definitely not inclined to be steered in any creative direction–they were feeling very abstract that day.  Although the finished product wasn’t what I was suggesting, they still had fun and made works of art that were all their own.  And I’m sure it wasn’t hard on their fine motor skills, either.

Surprisingly, it was far less messy to paint using the pencils rather than paintbrushes.  I think it may have been because a lot less paint could be slopped on a little eraser than all over a brush.  Em seemed to have a vision and worked with a diligence that usually evades her during craft time.  But soon all that paint at hand was too tempting for her meager stores of self-restraint and she added a touch of hand print art for extra flair.

Ha!  Caught red-handed!

This art project was fun and novel because it was really the first time my kids have ever used pencils.  Not that we used them the correct way, but who’s counting?  Letting them choose one from a brand new pack was super exciting to them.  Then when I told them that they got to use them the wrong way (upside down), it became even more fun.  It was like we were being crafty rule breakers.  I’m such a rebel.

In the end, the kids had a great time together–

–and our kitchen decor is much more cheerful!

It was so fun, I couldn’t resist making one myself!

Come back tomorrow for another fun rainbow craft that is sure to intrigue even the grumpiest leprechaun!  Jax’s hint: painting with Mar-Balls!

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