Play-Doh Letters

Okay, so basically all we did was use our fine motor skills to push and roll the dough into snakes so we can could then form letters.  I used a white board as the foundation so I could trace the outline of each letter, and Jax could manipulate them into the correct shape.

While we did this, we talked about things like what sounds the letters made and what words we could think of that start with that letter.  Then I tried to have Jax come up with a sentence using only that one letter, and I wrote it on the white board.

Not a bad literacy lesson, considering this is about as much Play-Doh as I can take!  In fact, I think this is the only thing I like to do with Play-Doh!  But in my effort to keep reading and playtime fun, I will admit this was a great way to play and learn!

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