Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

I really enjoyed not only orchestrating this scavenger hunt, but also watching my kids at work on it.  I’m sure it could be much more elaborate and spontaneous–let the kids search for the items themselves, for one–but I wanted to contain this to my living room and give them an array of different types of items to find, not just what was laying about.  It kept their attention for quite some time and was a great activity for both kids.

I collected a bunch of things from around the house–buttons, pom poms, beads, foam letters, homemade wooden peg dolls, toys, trains, cars, hair clips, play food, feathers, Legos, etc.  I tried to do many shades of the basic colors and different textures and sizes.  I was happy with my assortment.

Then I took a few large pieces of paper and wrote the names of different colors across the top to create columns.

Then the kids went at the box and organized it all by color across the papers.

It was funny to see how each kid tackled this.  Jax went to work finding the smallest things, like buttons and beads, while Em gloried in her favorite colors–pink, purple, green–and brought me everything in those shades she could.  She was also a big fan of the foam letters and liked placing them on the words atop the paper.  I was so impressed–I had no idea her grasp of letters had progressed that far!  And they didn’t fight at all; there were so many items to go around.

Em’s attention wavered before Jax’s.  She escaped to play with the Legos but he kept right on sorting.  Each pile was organized just so and he made sure he had something for every color.  A meticulous one, my boy.

And then, the most miraculous part, they had just as much fun helping me un-sort it and put the items back in their respective homes.  I don’t know how it happened, but I was using a kind of sing-songy voice and they were just buying into it.  Sometimes one really can take notes from Mary Poppins and her spoonful of sugar!

This was one of my favorite ways to pass an afternoon, not only because they loved it, but because you’ll learn a lot about your kids by observing them participating in it.  Colors and letters recognition, fine motor skills, matching–a thoroughly fun way to play!

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