Want your kids to be happy like this?

Just add dice and M & Ms!  Here’s how.

Materials: scissors, white card stock, markers, pack of M & Ms, dice


Cut the card stock in  half.  On one half, write the numbers 1-6 and assign an M & M color.

For #6, I originally meant the kids could add their choice of M & M  to the rainbow, but with two kids staring down three bowls of M & Ms, I had to change it to Eat Your Choice of M & M.

On the other half of the card stock I traced a quarter a bunch of times into an arc to create a rainbow.  There’s a printable version at the site where I found this idea, but I don’t have a printer at home, so I made do.

See those numbers and colors on my arc?  Bad idea, I did that first, then started tracing, and obviously ran out of room.  Use the separate card stock for that stuff.

Then I separated the M & Ms by color.  That is when the kids started salivating.

Then the rules are simple.  They roll one die and if they roll a one, they get to add a red to the rainbow arc, roll a two and they get to add an orange to the rainbow, etc.  If they roll a six, they would eat one.  If they rolled a number of a color that has already been filled on the rainbow, they got to eat one.  I started cheating halfway through to make sure they weren’t going to eat more than we played!

The goal is to fill up the the rainbow arc with M & Ms, by rolling the dice.

Let’s just say that they BEG ME to play, at least once a day.  So far I have been able to discourage them, but we’ll see what tomorrow brings!

Enjoy the rest of my 8 Days of Rainbow Crafts!  Just two left!

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