Sight Word Train

Brilliant ideas run rampant on Pinterest.  Are you over there yet?  Follow along and share your brilliant ideas with me here, or just hang around and I’ll share the wealth with you.  Such as a kickass kinesthetic way to teach your kids their sight words that I stole from Juggling With Kids.  If your kids love things that go, just wait and see how much they love learning to read with them!

Okay, so first I had to remind/explain to Jax about some fundamental aspects of the written English language.  We addressed punctuation and I reminded him that all sentences need some sort of punctuation at the end.  Luckily he’s always been a bit of language geek, so he’s been asking me about the marks at the end of the sentence for a while.

Then we had to address the beginnings of sentences, and after a few minutes checking out books, he got the idea that sentences start with an upper case letter.  Good good.

So then I taped a piece of paper to individual trains with one word per train.  I started with a 3 word sentence–I can run.  These are words he can already read–you could definitely be doing the same thing with letters to form words instead of words to form sentences, but we’re past that point.  So I mixed up the order of our sentence and asked him to put it in the right order.

It was easier than I thought!  He understood the word with the capital letter went in the front, and the word with the punctuation mark went at the end.  There was only one choice about what went in the middle, so in a matter of moments he had rearranged the trains and was reading, I can run.

Then I added two more words and had him create a more complex sentence.  It took a bit of trial and error, and figuring out what sounded right–I mean, I can’t exactly tell him about nouns and conjunctions yet–so we went by what sounded right to his ear.  And since we spend a good part of his day reading, he has a fairly solid grasp on how sentences work.  Informal, but still solid.

Before I knew it, he had worked out I can jump and run all on his own.

Before long I had more than a dozen words, some with capitals, some with punctuation, and Jax was conducting a sight word train like a pro!

My little reading rockstar!  Way to go, buddy!  I’ll keep reading fun for as long as you’re my partner in crime.  Reading rockstars and language geeks unite!

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