Golden Egg Hunt

Last month’s Cocktails & Crafts was such a great, seasonal activity that you could apply to your St. Patty’s Day fun or use it in anticipation of Easter!  The kids decorated a festive paper bag and then we headed downstairs for a golden egg hunt, searching for eggs left behind by those naughty leprechauns!

My friend Katie and her sons Colby and Lincoln graciously hosted–

–and the kids had a fabulous time decorating their bags.  They’re becoming serious little artists in their old age!

I brought a yummy and adorable treat to share–Oreo frogs!  Easy enough that Jax and Em helped me assemble them (hence only a dozen or so made it to the party), and super cute!  Check out the recipe here.

Once the kids had finished decorating and had a snack or two, we sent them down into the playroom, which was beautifully decorated, to search for those elusive golden eggs!

They were filled with leprechaun gold (chocolate) coins, so the fun was many-fold!

For the adults as well as the kids!

Thank you, Katie, for hosting, and for providing not just a fun craft, but a great activity to go along with it!  Such a fun way to spend an evening indoors.  We’ve been playing with those eggs outside for weeks and they are no worse for the wear, thanks to that gold spray paint!  Kids are always delighted to go hunting for eggs, whether they have an excuse or not–I think that sometimes the only excuse needed is to have fun!

If you’re not familiar with Cocktails & Crafts, and would like to learn more about how to start your own monthly get-together with friends, or to see past C & C events, click here or on the Cocktails & Crafts link above!  I’d be happy to feature your group once you get it up and running!

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