Spring Fingerprint Critters

I am loving how cheerful our kitchen is looking this spring!

Thanks to a great idea I found here, and with some card stock, markers, finger paint, and twenty little fingers handy, we had all we needed to put a little spring in our step, and our home!

Here’s how to make the birdies on the branch:

I mounted it on another piece of card stock since I cut out a big accidental smear across the top.  The kids are still talking about making them and love pointing out which bird they made to visitors!  And I love that Jax’s red bird is just a tiny bit bigger than Em’s purple bird, just like in real life.  I’m such a Mommy dork.

And here’s how to make the springtime scene.  Basically, all the critters are made out of finger or thumb prints, with a touch of marker here and there (like for the bee’s stripes and the flowers’ stems) for details.

The biggest trick with this one–and in all crafts, really–is being completely prepared before the kids come to the table so you never have to turn your back on them and your creation for a moment.  As you can see, our caterpillars were victims of a bit of wayward abuse, but they survived.  Take a minute to pin this or save it somewhere you won’t forget–this spring celebration is a keeper for sure!

Check out all the fabulous links and hops where I shared this project under my Links & Hops tab above!

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