Spring Sight Words

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, Jax is definitely a visual learner.  He just stares at something often and long enough until suddenly he has it committed to memory.  That’s why something like a word wall would be a big success for him, but I honestly haven’t taken the time to make one.  I kind of prefer the kind of learning that can be tucked away and brought back out on a rainy day so it’s always fresh and interesting; I think if my kids see something every day they eventually become oblivious to it (half of their toys fall into this category).  So when I pulled out Jax’s ABC clothespins and sight word box, he was excited to play with me because we haven’t used it in about a month.  Plus the fact that I had found some great spring sight words to add to the mix, we had a really great time learning together while having fun!

We did the same thing as last time–Jax organized his clothespins…

…and then we took a look at his cool new spring words.

This time he tried to find a word for every letter, instead of choosing the word first.  He had a few different words going at the same time but it was a bit more challenging–he had to think about which words he was going to focus on so he didn’t have twenty different words; he focused on two or three and soon was able to complete each one.

Proud of himself for a job well done!

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