Bee Mine

We were celebrating spring at Cocktails & Crafts this month, helping our kids make busy bees that are currently residing in my kitchen next to our nature plate.  Bringing just a touch of Mother Nature into our home!

My friend Michelle got the idea from her daughter’s class at her local Waldorf school (a different one than ours), and like me, she caught the bug–excuse the pun–and is now getting into the crafty fun of it.  All you need is some black and yellow wool roving, a couple teeny pinecones, some black thread, some glue and a couple of those maple tree helicopter seed things for wings.  Very scientific of me, huh?

We arrived at Michelle’s and the kids had a great time playing together.  It had been raining all week, so although they were still trapped inside, at least they had each other as playthings!  I love seeing how the second babies–all Jax’s friends’ younger siblings–are getting bigger and bigger.  Soon they’ll all be running around as a big destructive horde, and God help us then!

Then once everyone had arrived it was time to get creative!

First you wrap your tiny pinecone in black and yellow wool roving to create stripes around the “bee.”  Be sure to stretch out the wool to make it a bit more feathery.  You could also use a felting needle to secure the stripes where you want them if you feel the need.

Tie the bee up with the thread so it can “fly”.  Then you use the glue to secure the maple tree seed thingies to the bees.  Ours came out a little wonky, but our crafts always leave a little to be desired.

Once our bees were flying free, the Mommies had a creation of our own: raspberry bellinis.  Yum!

And while we all snacked on a delicious spread of snacks and a yummy dessert concoction–chocolate, caramel, cookie, heavenly something–the kids ran themselves ragged and had an overall delightful time.

I so love Cocktails & Crafts, our great monthly get-together where both the mamas and the kiddos have a chance to be creative, while relaxing with a delicious new beverage.  Doesn’t have to be alcoholic, and the kids don’t have to be the  doing the crafting–it just needs to be easy-going and fun! Start your own C & C group and I’ll feature you right here and link back to you in my Cocktails & Crafts link forever!

Have a bee-autiful day!

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