Something Like Cookie Cutter Bird Feeders

Sometimes I just can’t believe how easy a craft looks in someone else’s home, and how quickly it all goes to hell in my own.  Maybe you think that about me–that’s I’m super craftastic and that I own a glue gun and a cricut and other fancy DIY equipment that is just a step below a Bedazzler.  If that’s the case, you are sorely mistaken.  It’s just a matter of good odds–we craft often enough that sooner or later one of them is bound to come out well.  The others have not the same good fortune.  This is the story of one of those.

So I saw a great idea on…wait for it…PINTEREST (shocker) that showed simple and beautiful bird feeders made in molds from cookie cutters.  They are supposed to look like this:

but mine came out more like this:

Follow along and see if you can spot where I went wrong.  Because seriously, I’m still not sure.

So my niece Erika and I followed the directions given on the other site, which basically combines hot water, unflavored gelatin, and birdseed into a gooey, clumpy mix.  We tried hard, but after we followed the instructions exactly, our mixture looked more like soup than a mixture.

So, just like I do when I make pancake mix by just adding water, when there’s too much, I just add more powder.  In this case, we just added more birdseed until the consistency seemed more appropriate.  Then Erika put the mixture into shaped cookie cutters on wax paper and patted them down until they were even and flat on top.

Finally, we cut a straw into shorter pieces and stuck them through the birdseed cookie so that later we could put a piece of twine through it to hang from a tree.

Then we left them overnight (actually it was closer to two days) and supposedly we would be able to just pop them out of the cookie cutters and all would be well.

Hmmmm….not so much.  They dissolved instantly into a pile of sticky birdseed clumps.

And the reason why they didn’t work out?  I haven’t the foggiest.

All except for one.  There was one birdseed cookie that popped out pretty well and I think we could have salvaged it.  But instead of treating our one surviving bird feeder with the reverence and respect it deserved, Jax immediately ran over and destroyed it like Cookie Monster destroying a chocolate chip cookie.  So at that point I just said, “Forget it,” (well, maybe it wasn’t quite that G-rated) and we crumpled them all up until they were bird seed once more.  From birdseed you came, and to birdseed you shall return.

Jax and I had a fine time throwing our birdseed chunks out to the birds in our woods.  I’m not sure how well they’ve been received, but I do not that our dog–who thinks dirty diapers are a delicacy–wouldn’t touch the stuff.  So if you read about flocks of birds dropping dead from the sky in the Middle of Nowhere, Vermont, don’t blame me.

Remember, I’m craftily challenged.

So enjoy this craft, good luck fixing it, and hopefully the birds will be flocking to you and yours!  And if you see where I went wrong, please let me know!  I still have half a bag of birdseed with these birdies’ names on it!

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