Spring Cherry Blossom Art

Looking for a homemade Mother’s Day present that looks gorgeous and requires little mess and stress?  Look no further!  Create beautiful cherry blossom art from recycled materials–the perfect spring decoration!

Here’s what you need: paper, paint, and a plastic bottle with a star-shaped bottom

First, draw the branch of your cherry blossom art.  We used brown, but Alphamom, where I found this idea, used black.  It actually looked a little more Asian-influenced that way, and I really liked it, but we had no black paint so that was why I changed it up.  Then dip the bottle’s bottom into some paint to create the flowers.

Then dip away to create the blossoms on your tree!

Jax absolutely loved it.  He was very meticulous about where he placed his blossoms, and would oooh and ahhh every time he dipped the bottle.

His sister, on the other hand, was a dabbing machine!  She wanted absolutely no assistance, yelling “ME DO IT!” any time I tried to help.

Yup, she’s two.

In the end, I had two totally different, but equally beautiful cherry blossom trees!  I framed them and gave them to my mom for Mother’s Day last weekend, and they were a huge hit!  I love making my mom happy.

Later we added grass and a few leaves here and there to add a bit more color.  My kids are in a very literal stage–in their mind, trees have leaves and are connected to the the grass–so grass and leaves were a must!  They did those in their own style, too.  Art that tells a story about who my kids are is my favorite kind, and based on the smile on my mom’s face, hers too!

Happy Mother’s Day to you all, but especially to my beautiful mama!

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