Stepping Back In Time

Last Friday my family and I took a step back in time.  We went to the May Fair at the Upper Valley Waldorf School to help usher in the season of spring.  My kids wore the May crowns they made in school and danced around a May pole like they had practiced in Morning Garden.  We ate fresh strawberry shortcake and watched kids play games to the sounds of violins and singing.  We made wands out of pieces of ribbon woven through holes in the end of  simple pieces of wood.  The kids climbed into a wooden treehouse and held baby chicks.  Basically, you could have taken us and put us in the 18th century and we probably wouldn’t have noticed a difference.

It’s already clear that sending our kids to the Waldorf school is beyond our financial situation, but I love being able to participate in this lovely community while we can.

I’m grateful that Em gets to be in Morning Garden again next year.  It will allow me to infiltrate this wonderful world just a little bit longer!

Before we left, we got to see the older kids and adults participate in a huge tug of war, an epic battle between King Winter and Mistress Spring to see if Winter would be banished for the next six months or if he would return!

Of course, the kids and parents rallied around Mistress Spring to be sure that this beautiful season continues and she won!  Jax loved it and we followed along behind King Winter as we left, waving good-bye to him and saying we’d see him later this year!

I couldn’t ask for a better place to begin my children’s education than this.  I love the simple pleasures of life, teaching our kids to be grateful for small things and moments.  We will be sure to return next year to celebrate again!

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