Cookie Sheet Surfing & Beans

On a sunny afternoon, I like to read my book in the sunshine with no interruptions–oops, I mean, foster my kids’ independent play and fine motor skills.  So one particularly beautiful day I busted out an old favorite, our box o’ beans, gave the kids some spoons, cupcake trays, constructions vehicles, cups, and divvied it all up on two cookie sheets.  For a while I–oops, I mean they–were very content.

They sorted and separated, shared and stole, fought and had fun, all on their own.  They used their imaginations and counted and fine motored to their hearts’ content.  I read my book.

As you can see, these are not beautiful photographs technically–we were all relishing the full sun and the woods behind them were very dark and shadowed.  I would call these “snapshots” rather than “photographs,” but I wanted to capture their fun all the same.  We can’t all be technically perfect all the time!

 Plus, if I had been more concerned about artistry than action, I would have missed what was a hilariously random and funny way to use their imaginations–cookie sheet surfing!

These kids are VERMONTERS, people!  I can count the number of times they have been to the ocean on one hand, and there are no surfers in New England!  I couldn’t believe that they even understood what surfing was, let alone were aware enough to use their imaginations to pretend they were doing it!  Granted, JDubbs does have a surfboard tucked under our deck from our glory days in San Diego, but I think their understanding is more from books and TV than from any real-life application.  Jax did live in Cali for five months in my belly–maybe that California dreaming is in his blood.

It was all fun and games until Jax called to me, “Mom? Why is Em’s surfboard wet?” and I ran over to see that my little surfer girl had peed through the big girl underwear she had insisted on wearing after naptime.  I whipped her off the sheet, sprayed it with the hose, and then brought the “surfboards” inside for a good deep clean.  By JDubbs, of course.

So if you’re looking for something simple to keep the kids busy and creative, don’t forget how much fun simple household items can be!

Just don’t forget to bring the diapers!

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