For A Fairy Photo

Remember that gift of girl time I was telling you about?  Well Em and I have not squandered our Saturday mornings together.  In fact, one Saturday we undertook an expedition to the sea, spent more than six hours in the car, and had a fabulous time together, all in the name of a ten-minute photo shoot.  Yes, this Mama can be all kinds of crazy in the name of the perfect photo.

First we had lunch at Friendly’s–man, the kids and I eat there a lot–and Em and I had a wonderful time, just the two of us.

Then she fell off her side of the booth, causing me to spill my soda in a failed attempt to grab her, causing every single head in the place to turn, gawk, and judge me…but we still had fun!  And ice cream.  Lots of ice cream.

Then we were off to the coast with one goal in mind: put our feet in the ocean and stay awhile.  Unfortunately, the path to the completely arbitrary beach I chose was at a complete standstill due to some kind of traffic-inducing issue.  I actually sat and read in my book for a half hour–on a highway– before I figured that we weren’t going anywhere and I might as well turn around and head to another random piece of sand.  So an hour later–thank God she was napping!–we found heaven in the form of Drakes Island Beach in Wells, Maine.

To say that Em loved it would be a gross understatement.  To say that this took me by surprise is likewise.  I thought she might get a bit wet, but I did not think that I would be holding her back from careening into the waves, fully clothed, with nothing in her little blonde head other than the complete conviction that she must be in the water.  I didn’t even have a towel, sunblock, a bathing suit.  I just thought we’d dip our toes in and call it a day.  Man, was I wrong.

And pretty soon it was all I could do to get her to keep her hat on.  Then not even that.

Now please remember that we are talking about the northern Atlantic Ocean, Maine waters in May for goodness sake!  Before long baby girl was blue around the edges and her teeth were chattering impressively.  The only way I got her to leave was to tell her she could play with my phone once we got back to the van–knowing as I did that I was going to have to extricate sand and salt from her creases and crevices.  I’d call that a good reason to pull out the old I-phone card.

On the way back we were stopped by so many people who were oohing and aahing over her.  I knew she was looking extra adorable when middle aged men were remarking to their adolescent boys about how cute she looked, with no hint of irony.

Gotta love a girl in a baseball hat.

Then she and I went off to have pizza for dinner…

…and then finally! To our destination!

I had signed Em up for a fairy photo shoot courtesy of Eye Sugar Photography.  The shoot was to be about ten to fifteen minutes in a local apple orchard.  We got there early so she could get acclimated to the people and sets, and we frolicked about in the orchard waiting her turn.

Of course when it was her chance to choose her gown and fairy accessories, she became totally serious and her famous frown would not leave her face, but I do think there was a chance–even though Em quit after the first five minutes!  After I drove nearly three hours to get there!— the very patient photographer may have gotten some semblance of a smile.

Then back in the car for another two and a half hours home, all for five minutes worth of fairy photos.  I say it was worth it.

Plus my girl and I had a great adventure.  I think I’m liking these Saturdays with just the two of us!

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