Kir Royales and Crayons

My friends and I got together for another fabulous afternoon of Cocktails & Crafts in May, celebrating not only spring but also one of Jax’s buddy’s 3rd birthday.  The sun was shining, the grass was green and just begging for fat little kiddie toes to run through it.  Em, on the other hand, was begging for a nap.  Her friends were a little confused.

But give a girl some watermelon and she perks right up!

Did you know that if you use a white crayon on paper, then paint watercolors over them, the word or design you wrote will come through?  The kids were pretty impressed–so was I, actually!

How did I not get a photo of the finished product?  That’s not my usual, attention-to-detail self.  I’m not sure why not, but believe me they were very cool.  It must have been those yummy kir royales that had me distracted from my bloggy responsibilities!  It was a delightfully refreshing summer drink–I wouldn’t have normally thought of it, but I’m glad Heather did!

Once the crafts were completed and the beverages on hand, the kids began exploring Heather’s beautiful yard and went out to have some fun in the sun.

Once the food was gone, Miss Em reverted to her grim and grumpy ways and was not feeling very social, to say the least.

Her scowls are epic.

The kids actually orchestrated a jailbreak and were running as a pack toward the stream behind the yard, so we adults made the executive decision it was time to regain control of the situation.  Thus with the promise of birthday cake, we led the troops back to the house–

not spilling a drop!–to wish Matthew a very happy birthday! And the cake was enjoyed by all!

After the chocolatey goodness, the kids were so absolutely filthy from cake, dirt, sand, paint, and the like that we actually hosed them off.  I wish we lived in a simpler world where I wouldn’t have to worry what kind of people would find my site by looking for naked children, but it is what it is and so there are no photos, but believe me, it was absolutely hilarious.  Em was probably filthier at the end of it all than when she started, and watching them all pull each other naked in the wagon will be a memory I will recall fondly for a long time.

Toweled them off, put them in their pj’s, said goodbye to good friends and headed home for bed.  Cocktails and Crafts is one of my favorite days of the month–you should start your own with your circle of friends and join in the fun!

Thank you, Heather, for a very memorable day!  Cheers to more kir royales this summer!

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