Our Very Own Fairy Home

Jax has spent two fabulous weeks at camp this summer, hosted by the Purple Crayon in Woodstock, VT.  One of the summer camps Jax participated in was called “Dragons, Gnomes, and Fairy Homes,” and for this little guy who loves pretending to be a knight and other such valiant good guys, I could not have asked for more for Jax’s first experiences being dropped off somewhere without me!

The last day, Jax took me into the woods to show me the fairy home he had been working on with his friends.  Basically, from what I have gleaned from a bit of research and the explanations of my three-year-old, a fairy home is constructed out of materials found in nature, with the fairy’s needs kept in mind.  You can’t pick or pull things that are alive and you can’t use anything synthetic.  So we went off with Jax’s little bag and the binoculars he made at camp to gather our supplies–basically anything natural we found in the woods that caught our eye.

Then we picked the perfect tree and began constructing a home that would withstand the elements, the risks of having a hyperactive dog and wild animals nearby, and had all the aesthetic pleasures of a rustic fairy cottage in Vermont.

We took extra care of the roof  to keep the rain out for the fairies, and made a gate to keep the animals out and a road to guide them there.  We found a piece of wood for a table and made cups and bowls out of acorn caps. a bed out of a leaf, and a chimney from some beech bark.

We’ve had a few days of rain, so once we dry off again, I’ll be interested to see how our fairy home held up under soggy conditions!  If not, we’ll just get to go out and rebuild!  I can think of a few worse ways to spend a morning than to go out and hunt for fairy treasures all over again!

This is a great way to get your little boys into something traditionally more “girly” with fairies–there’s nothing like construction to get a little guy’s blood pumping!  And I have a feeling Em will be donning her fairy wings and joining in the play as well–I just hope we can find a fairy or two!

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