Watercolor Initials

I nonchalantly took out the masking tape, paper, and watercolors, started ripping the tape into strips to form the first letters of their names, and by the time I was through, they were begging me to participate!

Once the letters of their names are formed, just let them paint all over the paper to their heart’s content.

Em was chanting, “Water, paint, paper, water, paint, paper…” to make sure she got the process in the correct order.  Jax did a lot of “Paint, water, paper,” which led to a bit of a soggy mess, so be sure to stay on top of that.

Try to get them to paint the entire paper, especially around the edges of the tape so that the letters are clearly defined.  Then let the paint dry and rip the paint off to reveal your children’s initials proudly!

Love them.  The initials, and the kids.  Smile.

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