Happiness Is…{a family first}

On my birthday recently, we planned on taking the kids to a local lake and enjoying the sunshine.  When the weekend rolled around, it was just too hot to think about basking in the sun, so instead we headed indoors to the local bowling alley for an afternoon of bowling and air conditioning!

Neither of our kids had ever been bowling, so JDubbs and I were really excited about this family first.  Em was totally into it, especially once she saw the purple balls; she even made the shoes look good!

Jax, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with those shoes, and so we explained that he couldn’t bowl without them.  We thought that bit of reverse psychology would work, but we were wrong.  He was fine with it and sat at the table to “keep score”–it’s all automated now, not like in my day–but he didn’t care!  We figured after watching his sister have so much fun, he’d eventually give in and join in.

We were right, but not the way we thought.  You know how you have to step up to the parquet floor on the alley?  Well, don’t forget, what goes up, must come down, and after about seven frames, Em fell off the step and whacked her head pretty good.  Combine that with the fact that it was close to naptime, she retired to the bench with her Binkie and Blankie for the remainder of the game.  At that point Jax was gracious enough to step in and finish her string and so he got a chance to play, too!

Sans shoes, of course.  Good thing nobody noticed!  He used the ramp to help guide the balls toward the pins, and between that and the bumpers, the kids nearly beat me!

But they did beat Daddy!  Bowling is the one of the only things where I am better than JDubbs, and it never gets old.  Perfect family fun!

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