Simply Busy: Ribbons In A Bottle

This is a super-easy, simply busy activity.  All you need is a bottle with a desired width neck (I chose one with a pretty wide mouth for my kids since they’re pretty young), some ribbons of various lengths, widths, colors, patterns, and textures, and if you’re feeling like a challenge, a kid-friendly pair of tweezers.

Next watch as your kids explore the art of putting the ribbons in, pulling them out, dangling them like fishing line, or reaching in with their nimble little fingers!  Jax mastered it pretty quickly, so JDubbs and I encouraged him to increase the difficulty by dropping the ribbons in from a standing position, using only one hand, and finally, when he had all that down, using a pair of tweezers to pull the ribbons in and pluck them out.

Em woke up from her nap just as Jax was getting bored with this–about 20 minutes later–so of course she wanted a try!

And she even gave the tweezers a try!

She couldn’t really do it, but she had a lot of fun trying!

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