Drakes Island

Earlier this summer, Em and I discovered the beauty of a tiny beach in Maine called Drakes Island, thanks to my dear friend Amy.  I knew that the four of us had to get back there sometime this summer, so when Jason and I planned a trip away with the kids for a few days, I knew where we were headed.  It did not disappoint.

This was Jax’s only trip to the ocean this year, and I would feel more guilty about that if it wasn’t such a fabulous time.  They had their absolute fill of surf–and would even more of the next few days–but watching them dip their toes in for the first time as a dynamic duo was so unbelievably fun to watch.

It was evening and too cold to actually swim, although I don’t know why I even tried to discourage them from getting soaked–by the end they were both down to their skivvies and shivering, happy as two Vermont clams.

I think we will be making this an annual visit, now that I am so in love with this beach and the feeling of being with my family there.

Maybe we need to move a tad more east.  Don’t you think?

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