Footprint Butterflies

I love crafts that use hand, finger, or footprints because I adore anything that documents my kids’ size–how little their fingers were when they were one year old, how their feet grew between six months and three years.  I also love a craft that makes my daughter squeal with delight, and painting her toes was indeed delightful for both of us.

Footprint Butterflies @ Rub Some Dirt On It

 I got the idea here on Pinterest.  Basically you only need paint and paper and some fat baby toes. You paint the toes in a festive pattern and do your best to mirror them on both feet so they look like a matching pair.  I think using a sponge paintbrush works the best, but a traditional brush does produce more giggles.  Be sure to take the time to enjoy the giggles!

Footprint Butterflies @ Rub Some Dirt On It

Important note: stamp the left foot as the right wing, and the right foot as the left wing.  That way they will angle out like wings really do.

For the finishing touches, I painted antennae and a butterfly body, and Em used her thumb to create the nubs atop the antennae.  Then I added a touch of glitter while the paint was wet just for fun.

Footprint Butterflies @ Rub Some Dirt On It

This came out so beautifully, it is being framed and put up in her bedroom.  Put that in combination with photos of her in butterfly wings, and you’ve done more than made a craft and had some fun–you’ve created artwork that celebrates your little ones!

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