Happiness Is…{thanks and a wrap}

My true happiness for today is that JDubbs and I are heading to Portland, Oregon for a wedding sans children, and that we get to discover what I’ve heard is a very cool city together and catch up with great friends and family.  That is really where my happiness lies today, but I also want to announce that today is the very last Happiness Is…blog hop post.  To all of you faithful link-uppers, who came faithfully every week to share your joy and to meet new bloggers near and far, I am so very grateful to have shared in your happiness.  But the party is inconsistent and I am admittedly not putting the effort into it that it deserves, so I will end on a high note and say that today is the last day to share the wonderful things that make our lives so great, and I can’t wait to hear all about what’s new with you!

 So thank you all again.  It’s been my pleasure to host and I hope to see you all around these parts just as often!  Maybe one of you wants to take the Happiness hop over for me–feel free to steal it and I’ll spread the word for you!!  May the joy and happiness of our everyday lives continue on.  Lord knows I’ll still have my happy moments, and I look forward to sharing them with you, just in a less regulary-scheduled way.

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