Cocktails & Crafts Revival!

It’s been a while since my friends and I got together for some Cocktails & Crafts fun, so when my friend Heather said she found a fun craft she’d like to share and would like to host an autumn party, we were in!

There were tons of delicious snacks to choose from, including my spider peanut butter sandwiches, candy corn, and fresh fruits and veggies.  The kids grazed on vittles and utterly enjoyed each other’s company, with the bonus that Colby and Lincoln’s Nana was there to visit and gave them all her complete attention!  Nothing like a grandmother to keep the troops safe and happy!

It was a good thing we had her, too, because with–wait for it–SIXTEEN KIDS under five on hand, we needed all hands on deck!  And once they started making a break for the great outdoors, we really had to divide and conquer.

The kids did not care that it was freezing and would escape with no shoes, coats, or hats–they’d just see a gap in our vigilance and head for the hills.  Usually en masse, so they really were easy to spot as they headed out the door.  This was a good time to break them up into groups, introduce the craft, and try not to lose one or two in the confusion!

A great autumn craft–apple stamps!  Let the kids stamp to their heart’s content using half an apple.  Their pictures came out great!

And then, of course, back outside.  Why, you ask?  Because there were horses…

…and then it started to SNOW!  Needless to say, back inside!

We stayed until it was dark and the kids were in their pajamas and shuttled home just in time for bed.  Thanks to the Nana-on-hand, there was time for this–

–and a lot of fun for all!

Thanks, Heather, for hosting and for reviving Cocktails & Crafts for one last hurrah!  Maybe I’ll motivate myself for another holiday go round this year.  It’s such a fun excuse to get together with friends–why not?

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