Simply Busy: ABC Animal-Style

As Emmy nears the two-and-a-half mark, I have made two attempts at potty training her with no success.  We are pretty laid back about potty training around here, and I believe if you wait until the kid is ready they will pretty much figure it out within a few days.  If it takes longer than that, I’m just giving myself unnecessary grief.  So last week we gave it another go, made the potty chart, bought the candy and small toys as bribes, but Emmy was pretty uninterested.  Thus, we’ve given it up for another day.  Pray she’s potty-trained before the baby comes!

MOM!  I can’t believe you’re talking about me potty training!  You are so embarrassing!

So one day while Em was sitting on the potty–I knew she had to go, it was just a matter of time–Jax and I devised a game to keep her occupied while she sat.  First we lined up all our ABC magnets on the bathroom floor in alphabetical order, then the kids and I took all the Schleich animals and lined them up behind their letter.

It was really good for Em, since we were breaking down the words and what sound they started with, and talked about which letter makes what sounds.  I think it helped her in a hands-on way, more than just talking about those concepts, which I don’t think is her style.

It’s a good thing we have so many animals!  But obviously not all our letters had animal friends to go along with them.  You could talk about what animals could possibly go there to fill in the blanks, if you had the world’s most ultimate alphabetical menagerie.  We just played it cool since we were really more focused on the potty training, not the literacy lesson.

A great way to keep them simply busy while learning something, on the potty or not!

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