Thanksgiving Crafts, Revisited

Here are two great Thanksgiving crafts that I did years ago, before I documented the step-by-step process for my bloggy friends.  I will tell you the materials, and I think the picture is enough for you to figure out the rest.  You’re all very smart, after all.

Turkey Hand Prints

Materials:  cardstock for background, felt for the turkey, decorations as you see fit, a good marker for the kids’ names and year, and a frame if you wish to save it for posterity!  I will admit I love bringing these out every year.  I love seeing how small the kids’ hands were, especially Em.  She was only 7 months old!

Plus they look beautiful side by side.

I’ll be doing one for Baby next year, so I’ll be sure to explain in more details.  Until then, give it a try!  By making it your own, it’s even more fun and personal.  My favorite kind of keepsakes!

Pine Cone Turkeys

Ha!  I actually did have some pictures of the process.  I guess even then I knew this craft would be a keeper!

Materials:  pine cone, pom pom head, googly eyes, felt, feathers

I suggest you create the turkey’s face before you glue it to the pine cone.  Tacky Glue works well, but believe me, nothing sticks easily to pom poms.

Add tail feathers and feet, and you have a gorgeous touch for your Thanksgiving table or mantle!  This is our third Thanksgiving with them and they are still going strong!

Gobble gobble!  Make some Thanksgiving memories with your loved ones this year!  It’s all about the memories!

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