Ahoy! A Birthday Boy!

Someone turned four and rocked his birthday party, pirate-style!

With a little help from my friends (and Oriental Trading), I pulled together a ship-shape birthday party for my first mate.

I tried to come up with a lot of great ways to celebrate, such as a treasure chest full of pirate tattoos and spyglasses for the little buccaneers, and lots of delicious pirate goodies!  Arghh!

 The kids had a great time at a local playground, on the “pirate ship” of a jungle gym–complete with skull and crossbones flag–rocking their pirate gear and keeping an eye out for the scoundrel Captain Hook!

There was also a sandbox full of buried treasure to be rifled through–you know pirates love their treasure!  Gold doubloons and jewels for all!

And if you didn’t want to get your hands dirty, there were also pirate medallions to create!  Loved them.  And don’t forget birthday cake to consume, pizza to eat, and general mayhem to ensue.  Feel free to insert mustache here.

She makes a fierce pirate, eh mateys?

Oh and guess who forgot the utensils? That would be this pirate mommy.  Good thing friends with mini-vans are always prepared! Thanks, Katie!

And the only thing left to do was get a great family shot!

A fabulous way to celebrate a fabulous little man!  It was a great party, and what was even better, was that once it was done, we just cleaned up and headed home!  Everyone wins!

Happy 4th Birthday, me heartie!  You’re the best first mate a mommy ever had!  Aye!

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