Today was a milestone that I had seen coming for a while now, and maybe you have, too.  The day I take my blog back from the money-making pipe dream and instead go back to my roots.  Back to just me, writing, sharing my stories and photos, passing on great crafts and activities that will make you happy and make your days easier, and just being about us.  No agendas, no blog hops, no sponsors, no pressure.  I am here as often as my schedule allows, and as often as I have something worthwhile to say.  No more posting for the sake of posting, no more apologizing if something–ahem, life–gets in the way.  There was a time when I needed this blog to be bigger than it was to give myself purpose and a sense of accomplishment, and I did that.  I feel good about where Rub Some Dirt On It went, and where it’s going.  But with baby #3 on the way, it’s just silly to think that blogging five times a week or spending hours commenting and linking and hopping is a reasonable expectation for myself.  So I am letting that go, and with it, the guilt of cheating on the blog with my photography, my friends, gasp–my family!  Instead it will be a happy place where we can all go to find good things.  Not always rainbows and unicorns and that I-make-parenting-look-easy nonsense; lots of real emotion and stories.  Still here often.  But all the extra stuff?  The buttons and the blog rolls and the fear that I’m not doing enough?  Gone by the wayside.  Well, not my Pin It button–Lord knows I love my Pinterest!  For now, we’re back to a blog about being a mom in the middle of nowhere, Vermont, surviving and loving life.  That’s what you came for, anyway, right?  Oh that and the ideas on how to survive the winter trapped inside with two children, a fetus, and a dog–don’t worry, I’ll keep it coming.  I’m still as much of a spectacle as ever–just without the distractions.

Thanks for being here, as always.  Thanks for supporting me, and enjoying this space.  I’m looking forward to enjoying it just as much, too, and seeing where this new journey takes us.  Probably somewhere covered in paint and dog hair, but it’ll be fun all the same.

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