Reindeer Thumbprint Art

Stole this idea unabashedly from Meet the Dubiens (where I found these beautiful handprint angels last year), and it is so easy, I didn’t take any play-by-play photos.  I think you can figure it out for yourselves.


brown finger paint

googly eyes

brown and red markers

black and red craft foam

Basically, each member of our family made a brown thumb print, and while the paint was very wet, I stuck googly eyes on there (didn’t even use glue)!  Then I drew the antlers with brown marker, added a sticky foam nose, and put the year on the bottom.

Celebrate your loved ones and remember how little they were every year by pulling out this sweet memento from 2012!  Can’t wait to frame this and hold onto it as a keepsake from our last Christmas as a family of four–next year there will be five little reindeer in our herd!  Cheers to that and to a merry Christmas!

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