Beaded Pipe Cleaner Hearts

Ever since Christmas ended and our decorations came down, Jax will randomly look over our kitchen with a sigh and say, “Our house looks lame.”  Thanks Bear In Underwear for that choice vocabulary word!  So with the impending birth of baby girl and the fact that our house is apparently depressing, I decided to take the initiative and a few minutes this morning to make our first Valentine’s Day craft and give our home a little oomph.

All you need are pipe cleaners, ribbon, and beads, all in Valentine’s Day spirit and colors.  I got a bag of pretty hearts and pink, red, and white beads at JoAnn Fabrics for $3.  The kids and I spent 20 minutes stringing beads on pink and red pipe cleaners, then bending them into hearts, and finally tying them on some matching ribbon to hang from our kitchen windows.

Step 1 in my new mission to de-lame-ify my house!  Pink, white, and red, here we come!

Why, do you ask, are there no photos of the kids actually making these themselves?  Because I was having too much fun making one myself, so I completely dropped the ball in the photography department!  I’m sure we’ll do it again soon–I still have lots of beads and lots of windows!–so I’ll try to catch the kids displaying their creative genius and rocking their fine motor skills.  Looking forward to one of my favorite holidays of the year!

And if you’re looking for other ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, be sure to check out all of my projects from last year!

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