Legos For Counting

Oh, Pinterest.  How you absorb me.  There are some ideas that I put out there that I think will be a huge hit, and they have one or two measly repins every now and then.  Then there are some that are repinned on practically a daily basis and I think, Really?  That is what people like best?  It intrigues me because it helps me keep in mind the art of blogging and what it is people respond to–and although I am writing for myself and for my family and followers, I do like the validation that comes with having a great craft or project get repinned a couple zillion times.  I mean, I’m sure I will, once it’s actually happened.

So when a very simple idea I had pinned from Rockabye Butterfly became one of my most popular pins, I thought, I have to stop staring at this pin and just do it myself!

It’s a very straightforward way to play with math concepts, and since I can only contemplate teaching my kids math in the most fundamental ways possible, I thought it would be right up our alley.  Of course, not everyone was as enthusiastic at first…

…mostly because he and I are in the middle of a battle entitled, I’m Not Going To Eat My Lunch and Then I Will Whine All Afternoon About Being Hungry Even Thought You Told Me If I Didn’t Eat My Lunch I Wouldn’t Have Anything Else Until Dinner.  Familiar with that game?  Yeah, it’s fun.

So to distract from my four-year-old and his challenges, I pulled out a piece of paper, broke it down in nine columns and labeled each with a Lego symbol and number.  Then I busted out our big box o’ Legos and hoped I had enough single Legos to accomplish my goal.  I didn’t–I was two short, of course, but Jax and I had a quick conversation about it and he was ready to proceed, putting one Lego in the column marked 1, two Legos in the column marked 2, and so on.   Rocking 1:1 correspondence and all that.

Until finally all 9 columns were filled with the appropriate amount of Legos per column.  You could take this as far as you want with colors, too, but since my kid seems to be a tad OCD all on his own, he did a fine job of sorting by colors without my assistance.

And there you have it–a simply busy idea that can be done by preschoolers with very little direction, with so many bonuses to boot–fine motor skills, kinesthetic learning, colors, numbers, patterns.  Oh, the possibilities are endless!  Now let’s see if people like my version and pin it as often as before!  You go first!

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