Legos For Counting

It’s a very straightforward way to play with math concepts, and since I can only contemplate teaching my kids math in the most fundamental ways possible, I thought it would be right up our alley.  Of course, not everyone was as enthusiastic at first…

…mostly because he and I are in the middle of a battle entitled, I’m Not Going To Eat My Lunch and Then I Will Whine All Afternoon About Being Hungry Even Thought You Told Me If I Didn’t Eat My Lunch I Wouldn’t Have Anything Else Until Dinner.  Familiar with that game?  Yeah, it’s fun.

So to distract from my four-year-old and his challenges, I pulled out a piece of paper, broke it down in nine columns and labeled each with a Lego symbol and number.  Then I busted out our big box o’ Legos and hoped I had enough single Legos to accomplish my goal.  I didn’t–I was two short, of course, but Jax and I had a quick conversation about it and he was ready to proceed, putting one Lego in the column marked 1, two Legos in the column marked 2, and so on.   Rocking 1:1 correspondence and all that.

Until finally all 9 columns were filled with the appropriate amount of Legos per column.  You could take this as far as you want with colors, too, but since my kid seems to be a tad OCD all on his own, he did a fine job of sorting by colors without my assistance.

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