Portraits Of The Artists

Earlier this month I took my kids back to one of our absolute favorite spots: AVA gallery in Lebanon, NH for their children’s open art studio.

My kids and I delight in going to the open art studio and have since Jackson was Emmy’s age .  I love watching them choose how they express themselves, be it with paint, clay, or just having fun in the play space.  We bring the art home and hang it in their room  and they could not be more proud.

Me neither, really.

I love watching their expressions, how seriously they take it (or sometimes not!), and just the fact that they are literally immersing themselves in art.

I just love it.  Everything about it.  I’m going to try to go at least one more time before the baby arrives, if only to sneak in a few more remarkable memories.

 I wonder how days like these will shape who they are as they grow up.  I can’t imagine it could be anything but for the better!

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