Handprint Heart Valentines

When we headed down to Massachusetts for my last time visiting family before baby came (little did I know how soon that might be!), the kids and I brought Valentines to Grammy and Grampy since we didn’t think we would be seeing them beforehand (wrong again).  We loved making these simple gestures that say I love you, and believe me, my parents loved receiving them!

Basically all you need is construction paper and scissors.  Fold the paper in half and then trace the kids’ hands onto the fold so that their pointer and thumb line up on the crease, creating half a heart.

Then cut it out and open the handprints. Inside with be a heart-shaped hole, which you can smooth out to be more perfect (if you’re OCD like me).  Then tape the handprint to a piece of paper and write some loving words to share with your Valentine!

I’ve got to hand it to you, Valentine!  You’re the best!

Whatever sweet nothings you choose to inscribe, family will love to receive such a sweet gift, and as I always say, there’s nothing like handprints to make a grandparent smile.

Now let’s see if baby girl will let us get some more holiday crafting in before she makes her debut!  I hope so–this is one of my favorite holidays of the year!  Here’s to spreading the love!

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