Love Monsters!

So, this is pretty much my favorite thing that the kids and I have done for the entire month of February: created love monsters!

This is a really fun, creative, festive way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Jax, Em, and I each got to make one and we each could put our own stamp on our monster to personalize it and make it our own.

I purposely did not make them exactly the same size–I thought monsters wouldn’t mind a bit of asymmetry.  I cut out enough for each of us and let the kids choose which body, eyes, shoes, and mouth they liked best.  Then we assembled our monsters and personalized them as we liked, as far as placement of body parts and number of teeth, etc.


Em wanted her monster to have purple striped socks, a heart tattoo, and rhinestones.  He had one pink and one red antennae, white heart antennae toppers with purple and pink spots.


My monster has four teeth, rhinestones on his sneakers, glasses, and yellow antennae with white heart tops with pink spots.


Jax’s monster has a pirate eye patch, lots of teeth, one pink and one red antennae with circle tops with blue and red spots.

Our love monsters have cheered up our kitchen and are getting us in the mood for Valentine’s Day!

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